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Tree Service Rochester NY

#1 Tree Service Rochester NY – Tree Removal Services | Trimming & Cutting

Need to have a tree removed or have some unwanted branches that get in the way of your home or property?

Sometimes, nature happens.

Whether that is a storm, or an old tree falling over.

When this happens, you need to call a professional tree service in Rochester NY to help you out.

You don’t want to try it yourself, because it can be a very dangerous job.
You need the right tools, equipment and expertise in order to remove a tree and get the job done right.

You also need a crew, especially if it’s a big tree because usually tree services is not a one person job.
So you need to hire a professional to help you with your tree problem.

Thankfully, our team at Rochester, New York has all the equipment and unparalleled experience to solve any kind of tree problem or need you may have!

Our Tree Services near Rochester and greater Rochester area has got you covered!

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Free Estimates
  • 8 Years+ Experience
  • Tree Trimming & Removal
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Emergency Storm Assistance
  • Family Owned Company

We are a full service tree company that proudly serve the Rochester area and Monroe county.

  • North Chili
  • Henrietta
  • North Greece
  • Spencerport
  • Fairport
  • Webster
  • Pittsford
  • Monroe County

We pride ourselves on quality, care while keeping our NY tree service affordable.
Our goal is to make sure you feel like family throughout the entire process and we’ll make sure that you and your property is safe from any harm from any tree danger.

We believe we are the best tree cutting services in Rochester NY because every tree job is taken with extreme attention to detail and we want to serve our clients with the best possible job we can do!

We also have a cleanliness philosophy to make sure that your house and the surrounding area looks brand spanking new after the tree job is finished.

Please give us a call! We want to help!

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Tree Service Rochester NY – Take the Guesswork Out of Your Tree Care – Including Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

At any given moment, the tree that’s surrounding your property may be at risk of falling over.

Some tree have rotting branches and dead roots and if given enough time and force, they are at the peril of falling. And quite possibly damaging property and maybe even people during the fall.

Also, trees that are close to electrical wires or close to your home cause a potential risk to create a blackout if they do fall over.

That’s why you need to hire a tree service company to analyze the situation and make sure that the trees on or around your property are not at the risk of falling over.

Without proper tree analysis and maintenance, it can cost you in the long term with both your property and finding a good solution.

We’ve heard all the bad stories about falling trees and damaging property and want to make sure you are guarded for any unforeseen risks from any trees and shrubs.

So our team at Tree Service Rochester NY make it our duty to lend you our brain and expertise so that you won’t be at all the risks mentioned above.

We do a lot of due diligence for every tree job, so that you don’t have to!

We breathe, sleep, and live trees! We know this stuff like the back of our own hands!

Please call 585-326-8188 for a Quick & Easy Estimate to get our service today!

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What people say about us

I was amazed at the sheer quality of service Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY did for the trees on my property! They were super friendly and did an incredible job of removing and cutting down trees in my front yard. My yard now looks amazing and it has definitely increased my property value by quite a big. They helped out with all the tree service I could ask for including: tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting and also stump grinding! Everything! The #1 best tree service in Rochester NY for sure! Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY Did a 5-Star Job w/ Our Tree Removal – Highly Recommended!

David C.
Google, January 2023

Randall’s tree service crew was very attentive for a tree I wanted removed. They listened to exactly what I wanted and provided a solution to get the tree removed that was in a tricky position. They then used special equipment to accurately and precisely get trim the trees and cut it down so that it didn’t damage our property. I was very impressed and would recommend them for any tree service you need in the Rochester, NY area!

Lisa M.
Google, November 2022

I had a great experience with Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY! Quick estimate, affordable prices, professional service, friendly person came to my house to give me a tree quote and they did the tree removal without me even being at home. When I came back home that night, the tree was gone, nowhere to be seen and I was very pleased with the aesthetic of my yard after the removal. It was blocking the window and now there’s more sunlight in our house now because of their tree removal service. Highly recommend!

Adam T.
Yelp, November 2022

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Years of In-field Experience and Tree Service Expertise in Rochester

Because our capable team of Rochester Tree experts have been on the field hundreds of times, we understand what it takes for every tree scenario.

We also understand that for some, their tree on their front or back yard is something they may cherish.

May be the tree was there for a special moment or create memories over the years.

Therefore, we will only remove it if we believe it is a safety hazard, a potential future risk, or if you request to have it removed.

That being said, sometimes, the best option is to have the tree removed in order to reduce future risk.
We’ll also go over other options such as grooming and pruning as well as diagnosing and treating a tree.

So whether you need a tree trimming due to its branches obstructing your homes view, or a tree that has fallen unto your property due to a recent storm, our team is here to help you for all your tree situations.

With our tree services you’re getting first-class expertise as well as extra care for the tree, safety and protecting your property as well.

Give us a call today and let’s schedule a no-obligation on-site estimate for your tree removal services in Rochester NY!

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Tree Services in Monroe County

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We are a local tree service that caters to the people throughout Rochester and the Monroe County area. And because we are locally owned and operated, it means we now the area and the types of trees that are within the surrounding areas.

We also bring various advanced tree trimming and tree pruning techniques to every project. For us, there is no tree service job that is too big nor too small.

As your Tree Service Rochester NY team, we’re prepared to take on the even the biggest jobs. We hope you can put your trust in us to provide the best tree service we possibly can! With our years of experience and our tons of knowledge around the subject of tree service, we hope to earn your business and take every job like it is our own.

Please call us today to schedule a free estimate:


We’re not some big Rochester Tree Service company that just see customers as numbers – we’re a small business that is family-owned, so we bring attention to detail to every project we take on!

We have worked thousands of hours on our tree business to providing the best quality tree service in Rochester, NY and we pride ourselves in the skills and expertise we have built up over the years.

We want you to know, when you schedule a job with us, that we will work with 100% heart, mind and body to give you the best tree service we can. We’ll remove the tree that you want removed or trim those trees as if it’s a work of art! And afterwards, you’ll be amazed at the amazing job our team has done.

We’re always grateful for the opportunity to earn your business and we provide both residential and commercial tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and stump removal services for everyone in the area! And if you’re in nearby areas of Buffalo or Clarence, we also have partner tree services in Clarence and a great tree service company in Buffalo for amazing tree removals and trimming.

Give us a call now for a free on-site visit and give you a no-obligation estimate:
(585) 326-8188

Rochester Tree Removal Services

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The most common type of tree service we conduct in Rochester, NY is tree removal.

Rochester, New York is filled with beautiful landscapes and luscious trees surrounding the area which we are truly grateful for.

But at times, some of these trees can become troublesome and can interfere with our everyday lives.

Here’s a few situations where Rochester, NY tree removal services may be required:

  • Storm Damage
  • Dying or Dead Tree
  • Property Expansion or Renovation
  • Land Clearing
  • Risk of falling over
  • Trees that are obstructing views
  • Trees that are interfering with pathways
  • Trees near electric lines
  • Tree roots obstructing foundations or underground lines
  • Trees that are too close to homes

And there are many more situations where our team in Western New York can help!

We have a very simple process, but we make sure we cover all grounds and complete all safety and process checks.

We start with the tree extraction by first analyzing the tree’s condition.
We then factor in the surrounding area, which equipment we need and make decisions to ensure the safety of the people, the property and the nearby areas.

Customer satisfaction of the job as well the safety of our customers and their property are our main priorities.

We’ll ensure to take extra careful caution to make sure we reduce the risks of damaging any property.

Our extreme attention to detail allowed our tree team to be known as one of the best tree services in Rochester NY!

So please call us today for all your tree service needs!

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Tree Trimming Services in Rochester

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Other than tree removals in Rochester, our other specialty is in tree trimming.

Many arborists will says that both tree removal and tree trimming and pruning is both an art and a science.

We’ve studied, researched and applied this art and science so that we now have a solid foundation to make our tree trimming services safer, faster, while reducing any property damage.

In Monroe county, New York we have seen many DIY enthusiasts that tried tree removal and tree trimming by themselves.

But these kinds of tree services (especially the big ones) are NOT a DIY project.

We repeat:

Please DO NOT try tree removal and trimming by yourself!

Tree care jobs are extremely hazardous and you not only need the proper equipment, including harnesses to climb the tree, but you also need the proper training, education and protective gear to take on a tree job.

Here’s a few situations where it makes sense to hire our Rochester NY Tree Service team:

  • Cutting away branches that can obstruct views from a window
  • Improve the aesthetic of the property or tree
  • Improve the tree’s health by cutting away dead or dying branches
  • Basic thinning or pruning
  • Increasing the value of your property

When tree trimming and shaping is done right, it’ll not only improve the aesthetics of the tree, but it’ll also increase the aesthetics of the surrounding property and therefore increase the value of the property.

Trimming a tree can also help reduce any future potential risks such as trimming branches so that it can stop dead branches from falling on the people below.

Our Rochester Tree Service Team is here to help!

Schedule a visit to your property today and let’s get started:

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Rochester NY

stump removal

Stump grinding is the process is completely removing a stump from the yard or area.

When a tree is removed, at times, the tree removal company may leave behind a big stump and it can get in the way or it may not be a pleasant look for the property owner.

You can use the stump for a few function reasons, like using it as a chair or table when you are outside, but aside that, some people would rather have it removed.

So unlike other tree service contractors, we take the extra step and give you the option to either grind down the stump or completely remove it.

Our Rochester Tree Service team specializes in stump grinding as it is one of our foundational skills that we have in our Arborist arsenal.

Tree stumps come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes the root systems can grow deep and wide.

So we watch out for things like these to make sure we give you a job that you are 100% satisfied with.

Here are some scenarios where you might want stump grinning and stump removal:

  • Visually unpleasant
  • Clearing land for landscaping
  • Hazardous for children
  • Prevents unwanted tree growth
  • Can attract insects and rodents
  • Take up space on your property

Whatever reason you have for stump grinding whether that is for bugs, a hazard risk or you just don’t like the look of it, we can help you remove those stumps for good!

Our Tree Service Rochester NY team has all the proper equipment such as heavy duty stump grinders that can remove any stumps with ease and we can do it safely!

Give us a call today:

There’s a Reason Why we’re the #1 Top Rated Tree Service Professionals in Monroe County

Attention to Detail

tree trimming rochester 2

We cater to your property like it is our own. Your property deserves the best care and attention to detail that you can possibly get so that is why our team of tree experts are trained to give the best service possible.

Every project we take on, we go over the project and the trees with extreme precision and attention to detail, making sure no branch is overlooked and of course considering what your goals are for the tree and your property.

How do we achieve such attention to detail?

We first begin by analyzing the trees and the property surrounding these big plants.

After the first on-site inspection, we will give you a complimentary estimate that will show you the kind of work that is required for the project, while also giving you suggestions even if you decide not to start the project with us.

Many variables go into giving an accurate estimate such as figuring out the tree species, the health of the tree, the surrounding area and buildings, Powerlines nearby, underground piping, as well as foundations around the area.

We never cut any corners and because of this, we have received numerous 5-star ratings by our beloved customers.

It’s with this kind of customer love and giving our best for every project, that help us to earn the trust and love for the locals in amazing city of Rochester, NY.

We will also go out of our way to give you tips and advice.

Not only will we give you the best tree service you can ask for, but we’ll be answering all your questions related to tree service and other outdoor service questions you may be curious about.

Safety is ALWAYS First

tree service climbing 1

We always, always make sure safety is at the top of our priority list.

One misstep or misjudgment when it comes to tree removal can lead to serious injury or damage to precious property.

We must be super careful when removing trees including using the proper safety gear and harnesses.

Because of these real risks, we highly recommend that you DO NOT try tree removal by yourself even if you are a very enthusiasts DIY individual.

You must have very well trained tree contractors with the proper equipment and experience to deal with any kind of tree (even if it looks small).

What are some risks that come with tree removal and tree trimming?

emergency tree removal in rochester ny 4

Dead or Dying Branches
When climbing a tree or walking underneath is some dead or decaying branches can be loose and you may be at the risk of slipping when you are climbing a tree or a branch may fall on to someone walking below it.

Decaying branches are easy to misdiagnose because the decay is usually from the inside, and it’s hard to detect at first glance without giving it a proper inspection.

Because of its hollowed trunks and branches, dying branches are very unstable.

Even a strong wind can knock down a branch potentially causing damage to nearby areas or people.

Because of this, our Rochester team always uses cables and harnesses as an additional backup layer of protection against accidental falls.

Power Lines Nearby
We receive a lot of emergency tree removals before and after storms and strong winds.

Dealing with trees around electrical lines are very dangerous for obvious reasons, so please do not try to remove a tree without a professional.

This is not a light DIY project you can do at home.

One small misstep and you can cause an outage for an entire neighborhood or even worse injury or death.

Tools, Vehicles & Equipment
Our amazing Tree Service Rochester NY team uses the best heavy duty tree equipment and we make sure we have the most advanced tools in our arsenal.

You must also have the proper training with these tools in order to use them safely.

These tools are powerful, but are also dangerous if left in untrained hands.

So you definitely need to go with a tree expert like ourselves for your tree services.

So if you need any kind of tree service in Rochester NY, please give us a call for a first on-site visit and get a free estimate today!

You can call us anytime here:

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Tree Service Rochester NY FAQ

Should the Tree be Trimmed or Removed?

Every project is unique and every project can be customized to the customer.

And because every project is unique, we would first need to make a visit to the site to be able to access the situation before we give you a recommendation.

Sometimes a simple trim or cut is fine if the tree is in good condition.
But other times, we may need to remove the entire tree if it’s dying or if we think it can be hazardous in the future.

Sometimes, removing a tree preemptively can save property damage and sometimes even lives.

For example, if there is a big storm coming, then you might want some trees around your property removed so that they do not fall over unto the house or people.

Do I need to be there at the time of the estimate or the tree service?

No, you don’t even have to be there!
We just need access to the property or location where the tree is located and we just need an indication of which tree is the one that needs servicing.

After our first visit, we will have a conversation about your tree service request in detail and will give you a no-obligation tree estimate.
For more complicated projects, we might require you to be present so that we can accurately get an idea of what you want done with the tree.

We’re extremely flexible so we would love to adhere to your schedule.
Give us a call and we can provide a fair price and can schedule a tree estimate usually on the same day or the next!

Should I try to cut a tree down myself?

Absolutely not.

Even if it’s a small tree, tree removal is extremely dangerous and poses some serious risks.

A person might injury themselves while trying to climb a tree, not knowing that some of the branches are dead and may slip and fall.
Or someone might try cutting down a tree and have the tree fall the wrong way causing havoc on the property.

There are many dangers to removing a tree, such as accidental falls, falling branches and trees falling onto power lines so we highly recommend calling a tree service in Rochester to help you in removing a tree.

Give us a call today for a free on-site visit and free estimate:

How does the tree removal process look like?

Since every project is unique, the process can be different from project to project.

There are various factors when it comes to tree removal including the tree species, the size, the age, health as well as the surround location and weather conditions.

Here is a basic tree removal process:
We visit your site for a free estimate and analysis
After accepting our estimate, we would schedule our tree project (you don’t need to be there, unless you want something unique)
Then we would arrive with our crew, vehicle and equipment and get to work.
Afterwards, we make sure the place is sparkling clean and make your property looking better than ever.

Call us today for a free estimate from the Best Tree Service in Rochester NY!

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