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Preparing to Removal a Tree

Preparing to Removal a Tree: Things to Know

Making a decision to fell a tree may seem simple, however, there are some essential steps you need to take before the actual cutting commences—even if you plan on doing it yourself. Read this guide and gain insights into the preparation work that is needed prior to tree removal, when would be best time for it and why proper planning is vital in ensuring safe cutting of your tree.

#1 – Tree Analysis

An exhaustive review is an indispensable first step, no matter if you inspect the tree yourself or employ a specialist. The appropriate and safest removal technique depends on the condition and placement of the tree; thus, bypassing this process puts everyone in danger.

Look for things like:

  • What is the size of this tree?
  • Can you identify the type of tree?
  • Is this tree no longer alive?
  • Is it distorted, rotten, unwell, or structurally faulty in any way?
  • Is there electricity coursing through the tree? If so, you must contact your utility provider to ensure that all powerlines are cut or disconnected during its removal.
  • Are there any buildings, roads, or people in the vicinity of this tree that could be affected if it were to fall?
  • How readily can heavy machinery such as cranes or bucket trucks gain access to it?
  • Before you begin cutting down that tree, have you verified if it is actually on your property? Unfortunately, many people don’t check this first and then discover they’ve cut someone else’s or even the city’s tree! Don’t let yourself be one of those people – take a few extra minutes to confirm whose piece of land the tree occupies.
  • Is a permit necessary in order to cut down the tree?


#2 – Protect The Area Around the Tree

After careful inspection and deciding on the best approach to remove the tree, it’s important that proper protection is in place. Unstable trees and heavy machinery can wreak havoc on your yard or even neighboring buildings if caution isn’t taken. With appropriate precautions, you can rest assured that no harm will come to your landscape or property during this necessary task.

When considering the environment of a tree, you should guard or get rid of any nearby trees and shrubs, fences, arbors, pergolas and other structures; patios or paths that are paved; outdoor furniture; potted plants; neighboring property and trees as well as pets.

When it comes to removing a tree, the time of year can have an impact on various factors that should be taken into account. For example, during icy winter weather there could be overhead power lines present and in spring nesting or migratory birds may need to be considered.

Ultimately, for your own safety, make sure to shift any valuable items away from the tree and its surrounding area. Keep in mind that severed branches could very well lead to serious harm or even fatality if they aren’t handled with care. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you stay clear of green waste piles as well as wood chipping zones during this process.

#3 – Make A Staging Area Plan For Tree Removal

Trees are often more expansive than you might think. It can be hard to look at a tree and comprehend how much space it would occupy once laid on the ground. Be ready for hefty branches that need ample room as they’re severed, plenty of area to pull them towards the shredder, and parking areas for any heavy machinery used in cutting down your trees. You’ll need a lot of extra space if you plan to have one removed from your property!

To ensure that tree removal is carried out safely and efficiently, it’s necessary to make sure there’s enough space for the required equipment which can be quite sizeable. Depending on the size, location, and state of your tree, you may expect equipment like:

  • Utilizing a bucket truck or crane to extract green waste from the tree is essential.
  • A wood chipper is a great way to efficiently dispose of yard waste and create nutrient-rich mulch for your garden.
  • Stump Grinder
  • Crew trucks for safety gear and tools

To ensure a successful tree-removal, you will need cranes and bucket trucks near the tree–whether on your lawn, driveway or even the street. Additionally, it is essential to position the woodchipper nearby so that crews can quickly haul away branches and sections of trunk while also allowing them ample space to feed green waste into the chipper securely.

#4 – Inform Your Neighbors

Prior to tree removal, considerate behavior is essential. Tree work can lead to loud disturbances that are unbearable for some people close by your property. To ensure you and your neighbors remain on friendly terms, be sure to provide them with sufficient notice before the process begins – especially if:

  • It appears your tree’s branches are extending beyond the property line and onto their land.
  • If their trees encroach onto yours, they could harm them during tree work and potentially cause long-term damage.
  • In order for our team to safely remove your tree or clean up green waste, we will need access to the adjoining property.
  • Your neighbors’ parking spots may be occupied by heavy machinery and equipment, impacting their daily lives.

To ensure a trouble-free tree removal, it’s essential to have people cooperate. To make this possible, temporary no-parking signs should be put up well in advance of the morning when work begins. This is especially important for densely populated areas where parking and access are limited as well as suburban neighborhoods that value their tranquility.

Need Help?

To make sure tree removal is done safely and quickly, it’s essential to have a comprehensive inspection of the tree, an organized staging area, protective surroundings and expert crews. With all the hazards involved in cutting down trees as well as the preparation required to do it without risk, we constantly recommend that home owners and business proprietors employ an insured professional service with plenty of experience–like Tree Service Rochester NY! Our team has more than 25 years of expertise in this field so you can expect outstanding results. Get your free quote by calling us now!




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