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Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?

Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?

During the winter months, it can be hard to determine whether entire deciduous trees—the ones that shed their leaves in autumn—or just individual branches are dead or merely dormant.

Fortunately, we can identify these signs easily – and this article will walk you through the process.

Continue reading to gain insight on how to identify if your tree requires pruning, removal, or is just hibernating during the colder months. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to correctly tend to your trees and ensure they are healthy!

What Is Dormancy?

Trees enter a dormant state during the chillier months to safeguard themselves from cold temperatures and drought, also called cold hardiness. Deciduous trees will be in dormancy between their leaves dropping off in autumn until fresh buds bloom come springtime. Additionally, extreme stress or dryness may also cause a tree to experience dormancy. As metabolism slows down, no more leaves are produced by the tree for this period of time.

During times of dormancy, a tree may appear lifeless.

Did you know that there are two types of dormancy? Endo-dormancy, when a tree will not grow under any conditions. And eco-dormancy, where the tree could actually sprout if the environment was just right. Michigan State University has an informative article on this fascinating topic to explore in more depth!

Why Do Trees Go Dormant?

Trees rely on dormancy as a time of rejuvenation; spring requires them to expend energy for budding and growth, so the dormant period serves as an opportunity for trees to conserve their resources, shelter themselves from cold climates and get ready for blossom season.
Moreover, it is during this hibernation that pruning most trees yields great results; few pests or diseases will be present in the woody matter at this time.

How Can You Tell If A Tree Is Dead Or Just Dormant?

Determine whether a tree is dead or dormant by searching for signs of life. If the branches are pliable, it’s likely alive; however, if they snap easily then it may be deceased. You can also identify living trees by looking at their inner layers and noting any green hues present—if you find dry brown or gray instead, this could indicate the branch has died. Further clues that suggest significant decay include mushrooms growing around its base, peeling bark or missing sections of trunk varying depending upon species-specific characteristics Lastly, an abundance of fallen branches should raise concern about the tree’s health overall.

If you suspect that your tree or a portion of it may be dead, use a pocketknife (or even your fingernail!) to scratch off the bark on several branches. It only requires a small incision; but this will allow you to reveal if beneath the exterior layer is green or not.

To determine if a tree is alive or not, conduct a “snap test”: attempt to break off some of the smaller branches. If they can be easily snapped, then it’s likely that the tree has passed away. Conversely, flexible branches suggest that your tree remains in good health.

As spring approaches and days become warmer and brighter, notice whether any buds begin sprouting on your trees – this is an excellent indicator of its wellbeing! When these budding blooms appear will depend on different species; however, with vigilant observation you’ll soon know whether your beloved plants are thriving or struggling!

What If You Still Can’t Tell Or A Section Of Your Tree Is Hard To Reach?

Struggling to determine whether or not a tree or limb on your property is deceased? Tree Service Rochester NY can help! Contact us today for an expert evaluation of the situation.

At Tree Service Rochester NY, our team is equipped with the skills and tools necessary for us to reach every branch of your tree. With our expertise, we can also detect whether or not a certain part of your tree is dead or merely dormant.

What Should You Do If Any Part Of Your Tree Is Dead?

If a portion of your tree is wilted and lifeless, it should be taken out immediately before it falls in an unpredictable incident. Dead branches prone to breakage during strong winds, snowfall or inclement weather can cause considerable damage if they are not removed. To avoid catastrophic losses due to falling debris contact Tree Service Rochester NY for assistance with branch removal as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your entire tree appears dead beyond restoration contact Tree Service Rochester NY again – this time for professional tree removal service too! Don’t wait until disaster strikes – have those dead trees removed promptly for everyone’s safety and peace of mind!

For your dormant tree care needs, trust the professional Tree Service Rochester NY to ensure quality service. Reach out today and let us help keep your trees healthy!
At Tree Service Rochester NY, we offer year-round tree care services. Whether you’re looking to have a tree removed or pruned, contact us today and schedule an appointment! We can also provide assessments of trees, clean up after storms (including winter storms), and grind down tree stumps. Let us help make your property even more exquisite with our superior service!

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