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Tree Trimming Rochester NY and Pruning

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When it comes to pruning trees, each situation is unique – especially when the tree is tall or mature. Tree Service Rochester NY’s skilled arborists understand all of this and more as they plan a job before making the first cut; analyzing potential obstacles such as narrow pathways, power lines, hilly terrain – not to mention keeping everyone safe and nearby structures secure during the process.

Tree pruning can be a daunting task, especially for larger trees in our neighborhoods. Even though we adore the beauty and benefits of mature trees, their upkeep is essential to maintain them – but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy!

Pruning massive trees is no small feat, and has its own set of challenges that one should be aware of. These difficulties include the time taken to complete pruning a large tree compared to a smaller one, which typically takes longer than usual. And it definitely pays off when you get professionals who are well-insured and experienced in this job as they will ensure quality results for your tree pruning needs.

Tree Trimming Rochester NY – Why Large, Tall & Mature Trees Should Be Pruned

As a tree grows, its ability to cause destruction in the environment increases. Its lengthy and heavy limbs may snap off during strong gusts of wind like those experienced movies or summer thunderstorms. Furthermore, older trees are more vulnerable to decay and root rot that can lead to an unexpected collapse. The catastrophic effects of something going wrong with a tall tree is often extensive due to how far they extend into their surroundings such as roofs, roads, patios etc., hence it’s essential for homeowners have regular assessments done on these potential risks before disaster strikes.

To reduce the potential danger from these towering trees, we specialize in pruning them to:

Prune away dead or damaged branches, give the canopy a lift (as needed) for pedestrians and vehicles to pass through easily, and lighten up on long, wide, or weakened limbs in order to decrease the possibility of breakage.

The Process Of Pruning Large Trees

You may believe that pruning is a one-size-fits-all process, but the truth of the matter is that it can be quite different when dealing with larger trees.

Pruning a behemoth tree is vastly distinct from paring back a smaller ornamental one – it’s not only more perilous, but necessitates extra equipment, proper training, further manpower and exactness in deciding which limbs to rid. The foundation remains the same though; both require standard approaches and techniques.

Getting To The Tree

Accessing the part of a tree that requires pruning can be an immense obstacle, regardless if it is large or tall. Unfortunately, many home and business owners are not equipped with tools to reach anything higher than 10-15 feet. Even most landscapers’ insurance only covers plants and trees up to 8 – 15 feet off the ground!

At Tree Service Rochester NY, we have a wide range of advanced tools and equipment such as cranes, bucket trucks, grapple saws and climbing gear that allow us to access the most difficult-to-reach areas of any tree.

When considering how to maneuver our equipment close enough for treatment, we should be mindful of potential obstructions such as tight passageways, other trees and structures, power wires, irregular terrain or any other hindrance that could block our path.

Making Cuts In The Tree

After the tree is accessed, we then begin to remove branches based on International Society for Arboriculture guidelines. This ensures that the trees shape and structure are maintained while light and air reach every area of it. Additionally, if there are any hazardous or dead/damaged limbs, they will be removed in order to prevent future destruction such as a branch touching your roof or other surrounding objects.

With larger and older trees, it’s crucial to be meticulous when selecting which branches to cut off. Bigger pruning cuts can cause significant harm on these trees if done carelessly, leaving them susceptible to diseases and pests. That is why we never take more interior branches than absolutely necessary nor remove too much foliage with our pruning process. Contrary to what some may think, over-thinning (or “lion-tailing”) actually makes the tree less secure instead of safer!

Maneuvering The Pruned Tree

After decades of growth, it can be intimidating to tackle trimming a tree. That’s where we come in! Our crew has the expertise and tools needed to move branches, which can sometimes weigh up to hundreds of pounds off the top of trees and securely down to earth. With our ability and know-how, you won’t have any worries when tackling these large projects!

After touching down, the ground team can quickly divide the branches into more manageable chunks that are either loaded onto a truck or specifically chipped for disposal. Regardless of size and shape, this efficient process ensures all wood is correctly recycled.

Handling Dangerous Tree Sections

Not only do we have to remove and dispose of dead, cracked, or broken tree limbs; we also need to be particularly careful when those branches may end up hurting people or property nearby. Fortunately, our team is well-trained in the removal of hazardous sections before they can cause any harm. When it comes to storms, remember that pruning your trees regularly can help keep them healthy enough so they don’t become a danger while being battered by windy weather conditions that could otherwise send dead branches flying through the air like projectiles if not prevented beforehand!

Tree Trimming Rochester NY: Using Proper Techniques

Pruning is a sensitive process that, if done improperly, can permanently damage your tree. Unlike cutting your hair where the removed sections will grow back as before, pruning or trimming trees has more permanent effects! In addition to leaving behind ugly stubs and jagged branches ends, wrong pruning methods have been known to cause wounds which serve as an open invitation for insects and diseases to invade into the trunk of your beloved tree.

If you remove too many branches or leaves from a tree, it won’t have enough energy to photosynthesize and grow. Photosynthesis is the primary way for trees to generate enough energy to heal themselves. When there isn’t sufficient energy available, your tree will become stressed and start facing other issues soon after that. Our experts provide tailored pruning services based on your tree’s needs – so reach out today!

Disposing Larger Tree Branches

After the pruning process, there can be a surplus of wood, twigs, branches and leaves; enough to provide firewood or shredded into mulch. Nevertheless, homeowners may still find that the amount is simply too much for their needs – particularly in tree removals where it’s segmented into sections.

At Tree Services Rochester NY, part of our dedication to you includes disposing of all green waste so that your yard looks exactly as it did before we arrived. Our team members use state-of-the-art equipment such as a wood chipper and/or log truck to take away those large chunks of tree trunks from the area, leaving you with an immaculate property.

Many companies lack the specialized gear and resources to remove a copious amount of branches, wood, and debris resulting from pruning large trees. However, Tree Service Rochester NY is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform this task proficiently!

Pruning Large Trees Can Take Longer And May Cost More

You now understand the complex process of pruning a large tree, and why it typically costs more money than servicing smaller trees. This is because these projects take longer; for example:

Additional, and larger equipment is necessary for efficient operation – with the added complexity of needing a specialized operator.
When it comes to tackling trees, oftentimes more crew members are necessary for both the safety of everyone involved and maximum efficiency. It is especially essential to strategize beforehand if accessing the tree(s) proves difficult.
Due to the increased safety risks, crew members must undergo additional training in order to ensure safe operations.

We always insist on visiting your trees in person before supplying you with an estimate for pruning or removal. The estimator will calculate the equipment, personnel, and duration required to tackle your tree trimming job contingent upon its size, location and condition.

What Is Considered A Big Or Large Tree?

It’s remarkable that in Rochester, there are plenty of large and well-maintained trees that prosper here.

Trees that surpass the reach of a chainsaw or lopper are considered large trees. Species such as white oak, pine, and tulip trees can rapidly grow to heights beyond 100 feet! To prune these mammoth plants safely, professional arborists must utilize specialized tools like cranes and bucket trucks to access their lofty branches. So if you want your garden towering with beauty – but not risk getting stuck in its leafy boughs – it may be time to call an expert for assistance!

Tree Service Rochester Ny Can Handle All Your Large Tree Pruning Needs

If you own a towering tree, take care to research the arborist that you choose.

At Tree Service Rochester NY, we don’t just train and equip our employees to do their job, but also how to carry out it safely. Operating with heavy machinery at great heights poses certain risks that should never be taken lightly – which is why safety always comes first here.

To ensure our safety, Tree Service Rochester NY has invested in the latest equipment for proper pruning of high trees. We have all the necessary tools from bucket trucks and cranes to grapple saws and log trucks – plus helmets, ear protection, chainsaw pants, etc. With these gear we can work quickly yet safely so that you don’t need wait long for your tree trimming needs!

With over 8 years of expertise in Monroe county, New York, we have the know-how and experience to prune your trees with precision. Take advantage of our services today by requesting a quote for tree pruning and scheduling an estimate – no matter if your trees are tall or large!

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