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Tree Removal Rochester NY – #1 Best Service

There are many reasons why you might want your tree removed in Rochester NY.

For one, no one can stop the power of nature, not even trees.

So storms, winds, snow and weather can have a huge impact on trees and some trees may not be able to withstand the pressure and fall down or are on the verge of falling down.

But not only that, but there are several other reasons to have your tree removed.

Here’s a list of a few reasons why you would want a tree removal service:

  • Tree is on the verge of falling
  • Tree falling on property
  • Incoming storm
  • Storm damage
  • Emergency tree service
  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Dying or sick tree
  • Landscaping
    And others!

For Tree Removal in Rochester, New York, it’s always better to contact a tree professional to remove the tree.

This is because you need to have the right equipment and tools to cut down any tree.

Besides, small bushes, any other tree needs professional help and that’s why our Tree Service Rochester NY team is here to help!

Tree removal is not some kind of small DIY project – you not only need the equipment, but you need the proper training as well as an entire crew to help you take down the tree.

It’s also very hazardous, because taking down trees, in most cases you need to climb the tree and you need proper harnesses, cables and safety gear to be able to do it safely.

Even after you cut down the tree, you also need a way to remove the waste and any leftover material.

After the tree has been removed, you also need to grind down the stump and remove the branches.

That’s why removing a tree is not a DIY project and we would recommend hiring a tree service company for professional help.

Good news is, our crew at Tree Removal Rochester, NY has over 8 years of experience serving the people of Rochester with their tree removals!

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Tree Removal Rochester NY – Tree Removing Safely and Efficiently in Rochester, NY

We always want to emphasize that removing a tree by yourself is not recommended.

Not only do you need a crew to be able to do it safely, you also need training and experience to do it right.

Because if you have no experience and you do it wrong, you might cause property damage which will end up costing more money than if you had hired a professional tree removal service.

You also need to have the proper safety gear such as ropes and harnesses to be able to climb the tree safely or else you have a chance of falling and causing injury to yourself.

There’s also many more factors that are involved when removing a tree so if you need a tree removal service in Rochester, then please give our Tree Removal Rochester NY a call and let’s get you started today!

We take every project as if it’s our own property and make sure to deliver something that the customer will find 100% satisfied with!

Because something like tree removals are tricker than other types of home services, you need to hire a professional team with lots of experience.

Let’s take an example of removing a tree that’s close to a building. You need to be able to maneuver the equipment so that the tree is removed, but also not to damage the building.

Also, if there is a Powerline nearby, we also need to be careful and it requires precise maneuvering.

That’s why this requires hours and hours of training and practice and of course experience in actually doing this kind of job.

If you require any type of tree removal, please call our team for the best job you can possibly get in the city!

Because we have a high-trained team that can take on any kind of tree work, we have been voted one of the best tree removal services in Rochester, New York!

With our high levels of workmanship, courtesy and our decades of combined experience, we’re able to complete any job and make the place looking friggin brand new afterwards!

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What people say about us

I was amazed at the sheer quality of service Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY did for the trees on my property! They were super friendly and did an incredible job of removing and cutting down trees in my front yard. My yard now looks amazing and it has definitely increased my property value by quite a big. They helped out with all the tree service I could ask for including: tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting and also stump grinding! Everything! The #1 best tree service in Rochester NY for sure! Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY Did a 5-Star Job w/ Our Tree Removal – Highly Recommended!

David C.
Google, January 2023

Randall’s tree service crew was very attentive for a tree I wanted removed. They listened to exactly what I wanted and provided a solution to get the tree removed that was in a tricky position. They then used special equipment to accurately and precisely get trim the trees and cut it down so that it didn’t damage our property. I was very impressed and would recommend them for any tree service you need in the Rochester, NY area!

Lisa M.
Google, November 2022

I had a great experience with Randall’s Tree Service Rochester NY! Quick estimate, affordable prices, professional service, friendly person came to my house to give me a tree quote and they did the tree removal without me even being at home. When I came back home that night, the tree was gone, nowhere to be seen and I was very pleased with the aesthetic of my yard after the removal. It was blocking the window and now there’s more sunlight in our house now because of their tree removal service. Highly recommend!

Adam T.
Yelp, November 2022

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Tree Removal Rochester NY – The Science And Art of Tree Removal in Rochester

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Again, please do not try tree removal at home by yourself.

Definitely not recommended, even for the DIY enthusiast.

Not only do we see tree removals as part science, but we also see tree removals as a piece of art.

Because every project is different, it requires a different type of dynamic with different tools and equipment.

So in that sense, it feels like an art.

Plus, we are so passionate about trees and nature that we see it as part of our art project.

With that being said, here’s how our Rochester Tree Removal crew can help you out with your tree removal:

Our Tree Removal Process

Step 1:
Tree Analysis and Inspections:

Our tree expert will make initial inspections of the trees and the surrounding areas looking for the health of the tree, the structure and the structure of its root system.

We’ll also look for any kind of decaying or issues of the tree to make sure we the branches while climbing are stable and balanced.

Step 2:
Construct a tree removal strategy:

We’ll have a conversation with the property owner of a customized plan and what their desire outcome is for the tree work.

We also come up with a plan to use harnesses to lower top portions of the tree once they are cut down.

We can also use a crane if it is required for taller trees.

Step 3:
Prepare the property for Tree Removal

We’ll then prepare the site for the tree removal including making a path around the tree for transporting the parts after we have cut down the branches.

We’ll also clear the area for safety reasons.

We then make sure other areas of the site are protected such as gardens, furnitures, patios, pools, etc.

Step 4:
Safety Checks Prior to Cutting

We have a bunch of safety checks in place before we cut a single branch:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Cables
  • Tree Health Check
  • Hard Hats
  • Protective Pants
  • Harnesses and Saddles
    And More

Since we’ll be lowering branches using harnesses and cables, it’s a very important process in the tree removal project.

As we climb the tree with our cables, we also have our chainsaw that’s attached to our belt and we use it to cut down the parts of the tree for easier tree removal.

Step 5:
Repeat Until Finished

We climb, cut, lower the cut down parts and repeat until the entire tree is gone!

When at the top of the tree, we will either lower the parts with our harnesses or let them fall down, depending on the situation.

We also have safety checks in place for our chainsaw, which is held in place with a cable, in case we accidentally loosen our grip on it.

If we feel like the ground below is prone to damage or there are items on the ground floor that might get damaged, we’ll tie up the tree parts and bring them down slowly using a harness and cable and have the crew down below operate the pulley system.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning in Rochester

tree trimming rochester 2

While we are cutting down the tree, we’ll strategically leave some branches in place so we can use the branches as stepping platform to get up to the peak of the tree.

If we remove all the branches at once without any thought, the tree may become unbalanced and can cause hazard to the area below, so we must plan out how we will be cutting down the branches.

As our tree cutter starts from the top and cuts down the sections, branch by branch, we’ll remove any of the leftover parts.

Once finished, we should be left with just the stump and the underlying roots of the tree underground.

And if the property owner also wants the stumps removed, we’ll have this arranged with the property owner as well.

Why You Must Use a Professional Tree Removal Company

Since there are a million things that can go wrong with tree removal, you have to leave it to the experts.

  • Some of the things that can go wrong:
  • Falling while climbing
  • Injury
  • Branches falling on people
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Electrical hazard
  • Property damage
    And more.

We don’t mean to scare you, but the truth is, these things are a high possibility if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Not only do you need the expertise, but you also need the proper equipment and know how to use the equipment so that you don’t injury yourself with these powerful tools.

Summary for Removing Trees

A good tree removal project takes strategic planning, inspection, analyzing, and also a team that is highly trained for a job to be completed safely and efficiently.

You shouldn’t try removing a tree by yourself because it comes with so many risks that it’s not worth it.

If you want the best Tree Removal Service in Rochester, then call us today for your free on-site estimate!

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Our Process of Cutting Down Larger Trees

When we said we don’t recommend taking down trees by themselves, we definitely mean it when we say we don’t recommend taking down BIG trees by yourself.

Bigger trees are much more complicated than smaller trees and requires more precision, planning, and sometimes more equipment and people.

There are many things that can go wrong such as the tree swinging in the wrong way, falling the wrong way, slipping and falling and others.

Removing the Entire Tree

Once a member of our crew examines the tree and the structure, we’ll make a decision to see if it’s better to cut the entire tree down at once, or if it’s better to cut it up into sections.

For this to happen, the area below needs ample space for the branches to fall, and for us to take down the entire tree at once, we need space for the tree to be laid down horizontally.

But this isn’t the case, because most homes don’t have this kind of space and we will most likely need to cut it party by part.

When cutting a smaller tree, we will decide the safest path the tree should fall towards.

The side the tree should fall towards is normally the side where the tree is slightly leaning towards, or which side has fewer branches or which side is the safest with the most space.

We will also make several safety checks, making sure to inspect decaying branches which may lead to slips or preemptive falling of branches.

At the time of the tree removal, we will wrap a rope and cable around the tree and direct the path of the tree’s fall.

Then we will commence cutting down the tree.

We’ll do this by sawing a wedge on the side, on the side we want the tree to fall towards, and we also saw another cut on the opposite direction.

We’ll also place smaller cuts in other places if we see them necessary.

Removing Trees in Sections

The larger the tree, the more planning we need in order to cut it down.

We’ll use a cable to tie around the tree and start to trimming the branches starting from the top.

And after we trim the branches, we’ll lowered ones that are cut down with a rope.

In order for us to have the branches fall in the right direction, we need to be able to make precise cuts of these branches.

The person on the ground, called the groundsmen will be guiding the rope so that the tree parts can be moved down safely.

For even larger trees, a crane is an option so we can speed up some of this process and we won’t need to actually climb to the top.

If we need to use the crane or not depends on the tree, the species and of course the size of the tree.

For us to determine if the crane is needed, we need enough room for the tree and also the crane to operate in so we need an area of around 200-450 square feet.

We would use the crane to get our tree specialist to the top and as the trees are cut and trim, we’ll lower these parts with ropes and pulleys.

We’ll repeat this process, until voila, the tree is removed and you are satisfied with the work!

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Cleaning Up and Making the Place Look Brand New

After we’ve finished removing the tree, there will be a lot of twigs, branches and timber leftover.

For bigger pieces of wood, depending on what the owner wants, they can keep for firewood or other wood projects.
For smaller pieces, we can feed it through a chipper and reduce wood mulch.

But whatever the owner wants, one thing is clear:

We will leave the place looking brand new and our customers sometimes rave at how great the place looks afterwards.

Option for Stump Removal

When we finish the tree removal, the stump will be left over and the owner has the choice to either remove it or leave it in place.

If they want stump removal, we can grind the stump down to the height the owner wants so that it will not be visible.

If you want the stump for aesthetics or functional purposes such as using it as a table or chair or landscape design, then we can leave it there as well.

But of course, we can remove the stump completely if you want and for smaller trees we can even use a shovel to remove the stump and the roots.

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FAQ about Tree Removal in Rochester

Do I need to be home for tree removal?


We can finish the job without anyone being there.
We just need access to the area where the tree is, and we should be good.

We will confirm which tree is to be removed, and when you get home, the tree should have been removed and your yard cleaned up, and your property looking sparkling clean.

Do you remove trees in winter?

Of course!

We work all season long – it doesn’t matter if it rains, snows or hot sunshine, we work all year!

Sometimes, winter may be a better season for tree service because we are able to see the tree’s structure better so it allows for more accurate trims and cuts.

Do you see the tree before you give an estimate?

Mostly, it is better to see the tree in person.

We need to be able to tell the tree’s health as well as decaying parts if any.

Here are some factors we look at:
Tree’s health
How the Tree is placed
Proximity to Buildings and Power lines

After we inspect this, we need to know what kind of equipment we need and how many people we need for the job.

Do you remove trees near power lines?


As long as the tree is on your property, we can take it down and we make sure we are careful around power lines.

Do you remove multiple trees at once?

Yes we can!

It also depends on the size and types of tree mostly and it could take a few hours to sometimes a few days depending on how many trees there are.

Other elements such as weather and the tree’s position depend on how long it will take and if we can do multiple trees all at once.
But for most cases, we can take down multiple trees at once because it is more efficient.

We also take into account our availability as well.

Do we remove the stump?

This depends on the project and what the owner would like to do.

Sometimes, you might want the stump removed, sometimes you might not.

If you would like the stump removed, we can definitely include that in our estimate.

Just make sure to ask about stump removal in our initial discussion so we can include it in our estimate.

Can tree removal equipment damage my property?

We’ll do our best to not have any property damage when doing our job.

At times, we may lay down special mats on the floor just for our equipment so that it doesn’t impact the floor underneath it.

We will also discuss any potential problems that may arise when we have our first conversation.

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