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Storm Damaged Tree Removals: Use an Expert

Astonishingly, the clean-up of a storm is actually deadlier than the tempest itself. On average, more lives are taken during recovery efforts than while enduring the elements.

No matter the type of tempest, Monroe County in New York is liable to be hit with everything from powerful nor’easters and blizzards to humble windstorms. As a result, it’s quite common that trees suffer damage and require removal or cleanup services. Don’t let inclement weather get the best of your treeline – make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you!

When your trees are subjected to damaging storms, the consequences could be anything from broken branches and torn bark to uprooting or toppling. This article will provide an extensive overview of all these possibilities along with:

When your trees are subjected to damaging storms, the consequences could be anything from broken branches and torn bark to uprooting or toppling. This article will provide an extensive overview of all these possibilities along with:

How Rochester, NY is often ravaged by storms that can wreak havoc on our trees: uprooting them, stripping away their branches and leaves or even inflicting irreparable fungal damage.

Cleaning up after a storm can be an intimidating and potentially dangerous task. Knowing whether to hire a tree service for post-storm cleanup, the risks associated with removing storm-damaged trees, if homeowner insurance covers the cost of removal, or what steps you should take if your trees are damaged during a storm is essential in order to protect yourself and your property.

…and more!

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Tree Damage From Storms

winter tree services

Storms come in all shapes and sizes, each one having the power to cause destruction. Below are some of the most typical forms of tree damage caused by storms:

  • Broken branches
  • Fallen limbs
  • Cracks in branches
  • Peeling bark
  • Loss of leaves
  • Uprooting
  • Leaning tree
  • Fallen, broken, dying trees

Trees can usually withstand the loss of one or two limbs without being a hazard to adjacent buildings. But when considerable branches and foliage are removed, it may make the tree unsteady and more susceptible to toppling over during inclement weather conditions. Any root damage or indications that the trunk is leaning should be taken seriously and immediately inspected by an arborist — especially if there have been major branch losses or entire trees have fallen down in an emergency situation.

Causes of Storm Damage in Rochester

In Rochester, trees are most commonly subjected to storm damage due to:

When severe winds blow, trees can suffer a variety of damages such as broken limbs or trunks, cracked bark and even complete toppling. Heavy snowfall that accumulates on branches leads to breaking them off; sometimes large sections in extreme cases! Additionally, if the soil is overly saturated due to heavy rainfall it could cause the tree to lean or uproot altogether.

Mild to Moderate Storm Damage

In the event of mild to moderate storm damage, cleanup generally requires clearing away fallen branches and limbs. Healthy branches that are still hanging will be delicately removed from the tree. Any fractured parts may need pruning for aesthetic purposes, as well as to limit access for pests or disease (properly trimming helps trees recuperate quicker), along with avoiding future safety concerns.

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Severe Storm Damage

In the case of extensive damage, like a wide split in the trunk or significant loss of its canopy, it may be necessary to remove and replace the entire tree. Furthermore, fallen or leaning trees must also obviously be removed from their current location.

Tree Cleanup Post Storm

After a storm passes, trees may require various levels of cleanup or repair depending on the intensity and type of damage caused. Mild to severe damages all necessitate different techniques for properly restoring affected trees back to their original condition.

How Professional Cleanup After a Storm

Removing branches or storm debris from your lawn is often accomplished with a wood chipper, while large tree parts are usually hauled away in log trucks. Fallen and leaning trees, however, require the use of a crane to ensure their safe removal. Heavy materials may be collected using an efficient grapple on a skid steer for easy loading onto transport vehicles. All this heavy equipment will undoubtedly cause some damage to your lawn or landscape–especially when urgent situations arise like when a tree has fallen onto your home–but we do our best by placing special mats down before moving any machinery around to spread out its weight properly.

Even if you don’t think the damage done to your trees from a storm warrants expert assistance, it’s best to have an assessment conducted. Cracks, root harm, and broken branches can be hard to detect from ground level; however they may worsen with time and become hazardous. In addition, minor cuts or branch destruction due to strong winds might allow for diseases and bugs infestation of the tree. A tree evaluation is thus highly recommended so that any issues can be identified before they exacerbate further.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Storm Damage Tree Removal

Ensure the safety of your property and surrounding structures by hiring a tree service for storm damage cleanup. They can swiftly address emergency scenarios, like trees that have already fallen or are threatening to fall onto buildings or power lines. Additionally, they will remove any hazardous limbs, branches, and entire trees; assess the health of remaining ones; take steps to guarantee their future wellbeing such as pruning away potential pest infestations from wounds caused by storms; clean up debris left on the ground – all within a much safer timeframe than you could achieve alone!

Afterwards, a comprehensive evaluation of the space will be completed to ensure that all damaged trees are taken care of. You’ll have access to multiple solutions for cleaning up affected trees ranging from trimming or pruning to tree removal and beyond.

Homeowner insurance cover tree removal post storm?

Before attempting to remove a post-storm tree yourself, take the time to check your homeowner’s insurance policy; it may cover the cost of hail, high winds, ice or other weather related damages. Many homeowners opt for DIY removal due to perceived costs of hiring someone else; however, if you have coverage and can claim this expense from your insurer then that could be an even more sensible choice!

At times, your insurance will only reimburse you for damages if the entire tree topples and causes harm to your home or surrounding structures such as a fence or garage.

When double-checking the details, make sure to look for any clauses that could result in out of pocket expenses. A prime example would be if a tree needed to be removed prior to the storm because it was already unhealthy. To avoid such surprises, consider having your trees inspected regularly by experienced tree service professionals; this small but important preventive step can save you from costly complications down the line!

Tree Removal After a Storm: Safety Risks

After inclement weather, it is essential to clean up any damage and debris. While you might be tempted to attempt storm damage tree removal on your own, this is an extremely risky endeavor that should be left in the hands of a professional. No doubt you have heard stories about those who attempted to climb trees while standing atop ladders or roofs—which often results in falls. However, there are many more potential risks than merely falling from heights when trying DIY storm tree removal; thus hiring a specialist for assistance remains the safest option available.

Removing Storm-Damaged Trees: The Dangers

Unfortunately, there are a variety of risks associated with attempting to remove trees that have been damaged by storms. Severe injuries and fatalities can occur if these tasks are attempted without the proper experience or equipment. Here is an overview of some common dangers involved in storm clean up:

While it may seem safe to remove a tree that isn’t directly touching the power line, you still risk electrocution if within 10 feet of the lines. And don’t forget — even if not making direct contact with the wires when cutting, sudden movement can cause dangerous interaction and put you at risk of injury or death. Similarly, be aware of nearby trees that are holding up branches leaning against another tree; taking out one could result in more falling on top for you!

The tension created when a tree or branch is pinned under other branches can lead to dangerous, unpredictable reactions. Attempting to release this tension by cutting into the tree puts both the chain saw operator and those in proximity of debris at risk for serious injury—or worse. Hence, it’s imperative that caution is taken and proper safety measures are followed before trying any kind of cuts.

If you don’t take the proper precautions when cutting down a fallen tree, it could quickly turn into a dangerous situation. Cutting the trunk of a tree that’s still attached to its root ball may cause the roots to release their tension and pull back into their hole in the ground with enough force to trap anything nearby underneath them. This is why it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure that no one is too close before beginning your work!

Once a storm passes, the ground is left in an unpredictable state. Slick surfaces, weakened structures, and scattered rubble all contribute to perilous conditions for operating a chain saw. It’s imperative that extreme caution be taken when using this equipment under these circumstances.

When cutting branches on the ground, it is easy to mistakenly plunge your chain saw into unseen obstacles and end up with dangerous kickback that can lead to serious injury. Unattended injuries during DIY post-storm tree clean ups not only put homeowners in danger of causing irreparable harm but also takes away limited medical resources from other individuals who may require urgent assistance due to storm or regular health issues.

Homeowners are liable for any storm damage that occurs on their property, particularly if there is a risk of trees damaging neighboring properties. However, attempting to take care of this kind of tree removal yourself could be dangerous and should not be attempted. Instead, it’s best to hire professionals who can safely handle the job!

An experienced tree service professional is the only one with both a deep understanding of trees and their mechanics, as well as access to equipment like rigging and cranes. This person is also trained on how to identify potential safety risks when taking down a tree, ensuring that no injuries or fatalities can occur in the process.

What to do if Trees are Damaged by Storm

After a storm, you may be eager to rid your property of debris and fallen trees. However, the best way to clear away this mess is by enlisting experienced experts like us at Tree Service Rochester NY! By choosing professionals for cleanup services not only will you save time and energy but stay safe in the process. The number for our fantastic service staff is (585) 326-8188 – so don’t hesitate any longer; get out from under storm damage today with Tree Service Rochester NY!

If a tree crashes onto or near your house, we can get rid of it without causing any more damage. We also conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether other trees nearby could potentially endanger your home during future storms. Additionally, our team will provide you with an efficient management plan that ensures you don’t have to worry about unnecessary cleanup the next time severe weather arrives!

Taking part in regular maintenance not only helps reduce the chances of storm-related tree removal, but if a storm does occur, Tree Service Rochester NY is available to get rid of any mess and debris. Contact us today for fast and efficient clean up!

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