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Mulching Trees in Rochester

Why, How and When to Mulch Trees in Rochester, New York For trees to remain healthy and hydrated in Rochester’s winter season, mulch should be used correctly. In this article, we will explore: Unlock the power of organic mulch and reap its numerous benefits for your property. How mulching can be detrimental to trees. Learn … Read more

Removing Trees In Confined Spaces

Removing Trees In Confined Spaces Trees in tight spaces, small yards or hard-to-reach locations can make for a dangerous and difficult removal. Although it requires special care and is certainly not a DIY job, the Tree Service Rochester NY team has extensive experience to tackle such tricky tree removals with ease! We want to provide … Read more

Tree Removal Near Power Lines

Tree Removal Near Power Lines: Things You Must Know Trees and power lines are a dangerous combination that should always be avoided. Tree workers must be particularly vigilant when performing their duties due to the threat of electric shock from an unexpected source. While a primary line at the top of a utility pole, secondary … Read more

Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?

Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant? During the winter months, it can be hard to determine whether entire deciduous trees—the ones that shed their leaves in autumn—or just individual branches are dead or merely dormant. Fortunately, we can identify these signs easily – and this article will walk you through the process. Continue reading to … Read more

Pine Tree Removal In Rochester

Pine Tree Removal In Rochester Cut down a pine tree? No matter its size, that’s an intimidating task. You might be unpleasantly surprised to find out the extent of resources and cost needed when you have large or mature pines on your property that need to come down. Be aware that every tree removal is … Read more

When to Remove a Tree?

When is the right time to Remove a Tree? Trees often take on a special significance for us as time goes by, prompting Rochester homeowners to put off getting rid of one even if it’s beginning to cause difficulties. Need to figure out if it’s time for a tree removal on your property? Look no … Read more

What is an Arborist?

What is an Arborist? The Tree Whisperer, Explained. Have you ever wondered who makes sure that the trees in your neighborhood look healthy and vibrant? Or what kind of person cares for trees on a professional level? That’s where arborists come in. Arborists are the tree whisperers of the world, experts in the science and … Read more

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