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Tree Service In The Winter

Can You Have Tree Service In The Winter?

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Embrace the winter months and take advantage of Rochester’s cooler temperatures by working on your trees! Discover all of the advantages that come with tree work during this time, as well as what not to do. Winter tree work will help both you and your trees out in the long run – don’t wait any longer!

Now that Rochester has entered winter and your outdoor space appears as a snow-covered wonderland, you may already be brainstorming what to do in the yard during springtime. Plant new shrubs? Create a veggie garden? Hang vibrant planters from tree branches?

Well if topping that list is having trees pruned or removed, then there’s no need to wait! In fact, numerous advantages exist for both yourself and the trees when you choose to hire an experienced arborist during this cold time of year. So don’t hesitate – get ahead with those projects now!

In this article, we will explore why winter is a great season to do tree work, what types of projects can be done all year round and which ones should not be attempted during the cold months. Furthermore, you’ll find some useful tips on when it’s best to prune your trees for optimal health.

Does the thought of tree work limit you to just Spring or Summer? Think again!

Many people only contemplate tree pruning, removal, inspections, and other arboricultural activities throughout the growing season – unless a harsh winter storm disrupts their trees. So why is it that way?

As soon as the snow melts and temperatures start to rise in spring, people have an intrinsic compulsion to explore the great outdoors. Homeowners begin planting seeds or flowers in their garden and survey local garden centers for plants. While wandering around their yard, they may notice that a branch isn’t producing new leaves or realize a tree previously appearing dormant is actually dead – prompting them to seek professional arborist assistance.

As summertime arrives, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking in the pleasant weather and lush greenery. Plus, you can use all your outdoor time to take a closer look at any potential issues with your trees or shrubs that need tending too!

It’s no wonder that spring and summer are the peak seasons for calls regarding tree service. And it makes perfect sense – this is an ideal time to take care of any necessary tree work, such as:

  • Getting rid of overgrown leaves blocking views or pathways.
  • Pruning foliage to allow more sun or air circulation into the area.
  • Identifying dead branches or dying sections on trees in need of attention.

Contrarily, winter can be an incredibly advantageous time to schedule tree work and reap a plethora of benefits.

Spring and Summer are the busiest times for tree services, but that’s because it is such an ideal time to work on trees. With more sunlight available, we can easily spot areas where leaves may be obstructing views or walkways, prune branches for more airflow and light exposure, as well as identify any dead or dying sections of a tree quickly.

Don’t let the winter season dampen your enthusiasm for getting tree work done! As a matter of fact, there are numerous advantages to having it completed during this time.

Experience the Numerous Advantages of Winter Tree Care

Although you can employ tree service professionals during any season, there are some tasks that are most optimal to do in winter. For instance, pruning fruit trees during the late winter months will guarantee a more plentiful harvest next year.

Additionally, completing tree work when temperatures drop offers numerous advantages both for your trees and for yourself!

It is easier to observe the tree’s layout.

As the greenery of spring and summer fades, it is essential that tree care professionals are equipped to identify any dead branches or limbs during winter. Surprisingly, the lack of leaves on deciduous trees can be an advantage in this regard; by removing excess foliage we can detect any structural faults requiring pruning action. Moreover, such conditions pave way for simpler tree removals as our climbers and equipment have better access to the affected area with less cleanup required afterwards.

Freezing temperatures limit the destruction of land.

Although we always strive for the utmost care when it comes to pruning and removing large trees, some degree of damage to the ground is unavoidable. However, if you hire us during colder months (when ground is frozen), our equipment will cause minimal disturbance as well any branches or logs that come into contact with it. Additionally, this season offers a unique advantage in terms of access since heavy machinery can sometimes be used on areas where soft grounds usually prevent us from doing so in spring or summer!

During winter, pests and diseases are in a state of dormancy.

Winter is an ideal time to prune trees, as the majority of pests and diseases will be inactive. Although certain species should not usually be pruned during warmer months due to the potential spread of Dutch elm disease (e.g., Elms), this precaution can safely be avoided in wintertime. Pruning now helps ensure that your tree stays healthy year-round!

Pruning trees during the winter season allows them to recuperate and recover faster, preparing them for a new cycle of growth.

Similar to how our bodies form a scab over an injury to help it recover, trees need some time for their pruning cuts to heal. Pruning during winter provides your tree more healing time before the warmer months arrive and new growth is seen. Additionally, taking this extra period of recovery improves its immune system by preventing pests or diseases from entering through any open wounds.

Removing Damaged Limbs Or Trees Prevents Winter Storm Damage

Snow and ice can make weak, broken, or dead branches more likely to fall during winter storms. Similarly, a deceased tree may cause further issues with lightweight twigs dropping from the sky (or even plummeting from its entirety). By taking out these dangerous limbs in the chilly season we are able to avert some of this destruction while also bringing ease when another snowstorm approaches our district.

Remember, not all trees require pruning in the winter season!

Generally speaking, winter is an ideal season for pruning; however, some trees and shrubs perform better if not trimmed during this time. For instance spring-flowering plants should only be attended to in the event of a broken or hazardous section while restraining from cutting off flower buds which are produced in autumn as doing so will eliminate any chance of flowering come springtime. Alternatively, trim early blooming species once they have finished their individual display.

Winter Tree Work Depends On Weather Conditions

During periods of extreme cold, blustery winds, and snowy conditions, we must pause all winter tree work. Not only is it hazardous for our staff to carry out these operations in such nasty weather but pruning trees during icy temperatures can cause persistent harm to the tissue of your trees. So rest assured that if there are dangerous climate circumstances outside -we won’t be risking either you or your property’s safety by working on them!

Ready for assistance with winter tree maintenance? Let us lend you a helping hand!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tree Service Rochester New York for your individualized appraisal if you are aware that pruning or removal of your trees is necessary. Additionally, our team can inspect your property and provide guidance even if you’re unsure about whether pruning would be advantageous for the trees. Whatever it may be, remember that there’s no need to wait around until the weather gets better before crossing off “Expert Tree Care” from your lawn maintenance checklist! Read more tree service articles here.




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